Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Not something I want to go through again


I’m not sure how to start this to be honest.

On Friday evening I was due to go to work at 11pm, but got a phone call asking me to go in earlier as Alan was ill. So I actually started work at 9pm. No hardship really, I stood on the till serving customers until 11pm when I locked up the shop and Karen (co-worker) went home. I opened the hatch and carried on serving as normal. I should have had someone working with me through the night but he had phoned in sick. Didn’t bother me, I often work the night shift on my own, as there have been staff absences due to illness, holidays, or someone getting sacked.

At about 11:30 I served a guy some cigarettes. As I gave him the change he said to me: “watch those two over there” and pointed to 2 guys stood over the other side of the road. As I looked at them, they stared at me, then turned and walked away. “No worries” I said, as I banged the window in front of me. “They won’t get through this”. And I never gave it another thought. Carried on serving customers.

Later on, someone asked me for Pita Breads. I looked on the shelf and couldn’t see them, so I went into the warehouse out back but still couldn’t see any. As I was walking back to the till the alarm was going off. Confused, I turned and went back into the warehouse to check the firedoors, but they were still closed. I went back to the till and turned of the alarm. Must have been playing up or something.

Started to talk to the customer, and then the phone rang. Picked it up and found out it was the company who installed the alarm system. They said my alarm had been set off. I said “I know, but I checked the 3 doors and they were secure”. They said “the computer shows that it was the door on the first floor, did you check that?” “No, but I will check it now”. I ran down towards the warehouse, and a bloke jumped out round the corner, straight in front of me. I took a couple of steps backwards, then as he stepped forward to grab me; I grabbed him and pushed him back against the wall. Another bloke appeared on my left, punched me in the head and they pinned me down.

While trying to squash my head against the floor, someone was shouting “where’s the safe key!” I said they were on the till at the front of the shop. Someone else then shouted “who are you phoning?” I said no-one, the alarm people had phoned me. And with that they took off. All three ran out the back door. I got up and went to the front of the store to tell the alarm people that there had been a break in, but they had hung up. People outside who had seen what had happened shouted at me to get out.

I went out through the front door, and locked it again. Someone handed me a phone which had the police on the other end. As I was talking to them, 3 people ran out of the alleyway behind the shop, into a getaway car and sped off. The police said that people were on their way. 10 minutes later 2 cars showed up and started to talk to me. I filled them in with basic details and descriptions, and then the manager came. After explaining the situation about 6 times to 6 different people I was taken to the police station, where they took my uniform for evidence. I gave a ‘first account’ of the incident which isn’t a statement, more like a chance to ask questions while the incident was still fresh in my head. And then I went home.

I went into work the next day, purely to get out of the house, but also to talk to people. A good thing really as the area manager phoned, and I was able to fill him in. And police were going backwards and forwards all morning talking to me about what happened.

I think it is safe to say that it was an eventful night, but not something I would like to repeat if possible. Plus if I ever see the 3 blokes who did this, I will break their legs. I feel well shaky now, and my glasses and phone were broken in the process. Bastards.

I now have new glasses, which should be paid for by the company, and my phone has been sent off to be fixed.

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