Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feeling Hopeful… (plus a quick rant for old times sakes)

I felt a different emotion today. An emotion totally different to how I have felt for the past 3 weeks (since I started university). I was so taken aback that I almost didn’t realise what it was. Not quite happiness, but close enough to it to be good enough for now. Let me explain…

I recently started the 3rd and final year of university. And I will honestly admit I didn’t want to be there. Not at all. As far as I was concerned, I was fed of being poor and overworked, and wanted to get a proper job (whatever that may be) and get paid a proper wage. When I first began, university was amazing, and now it is getting in the way. I had zero motivation for turning up to lectures or doing any work so hence I didn’t bother.

Not a good idea, as I’m sure that you will agree. I knew that this wasn’t the right way to go about finishing this year and getting a decent grade (a 2:1, fingers crossed) but knowing this didn’t motivate me either. This all changed after two lectures; one yesterday evening and this afternoon.

Yesterdays lecture was on Sports Injuries, the first time in the 3 years I had been at university that we had been taught this subject. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it made me remember one of the key reasons that I began university: to learn more about sport injuries and was of treating/preventing them. Which cheered me up a bit. Then there was the sport psychology lecture today, which was run by a new lecturer, and he was miles better than the last one. No respect to last years, she had a wealth of knowledge, but she was so boring, and took all of the fun out the subject. I almost didn’t take the subject this year as I knew I would have to sit through mind-numbing lectures, constantly looking at the clock. The new bloke is so much better, as he is so passionate about the subject. He actually enjoys teaching it. And again that cheered me up, as I was almost ready to give up on the subject. The year ahead now looks enjoyable as opposed to a burden. It has already had a positive on me; I started work on my dissertation, and another assignment.

Things can only get better I thinks.

Plus an update on the alcohol front, it has been 3 days since my last drink. And i feel so much better for quiting.

*start rant*

The Royal Mail is pissing me of right now with the current strike in place. Why the hell is there another strike? I’m waiting for a parcel and yet have no idea when it will actually arrive! Plus, due to there being a failure in the talks between the Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union, there will be more strikes next Monday. The idiots on strike are asking for a better salary, but after this incident I don’t think they deserve it. They are just being a bunch of greedy, selfish gits.

*end rant*

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