Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No sleep is allowed

Another thing that is currently annoying me in my life is my currently sleeping pattern. I have got into the habit of spending all day in my bed on days off. This means that when it comes to a day when I need to go to university, I really struggle to get out of bed. And end up having 10 minutes to get dressed, pack my bag and sprint to university. Not good as I’m sure people will agree. I have missed lectures already because of it. And have never gone to university on a Thursday as I can’t be arsed to move. Getting up late also means I am not able to get to sleep till 5 or 6 am. And the cycle starts again.

So I am taking the radical steps of resetting my body clock. Basically this means I got up on Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm and don’t plan to go to bed until about 9pm Thursday night. The plan being that I will then get up at a reasonable time on Friday morning, and start a new routine of going to bed at a reasonable time, and getting up the next day quite early.

This does unfortunately mean that tomorrow (today) is gonna be a well crap day, as I will be up for 30 hours straight.


Update: 5 days and still no alcohol. Go me!

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