Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It seems that life is finally on the up again

God I have missed training. Last night was the first night I had been since it happened. And while the session was hard work (forgetting some techniques, relearning others) I felt so good when it ended. Exhilarated even. We finished of with 20 minutes of sparring, and I was absolutely knackered and dripping with sweat, but with a huge stupid grin plastered across my face. And now I almost wonder why on earth I missed the last 2 months of training.

*shakes head*

Ah well I’m back now that’s all that matters. But things have changed in my absence. The attendances have dropped big time so that the Wednesday session has now been cancelled. This means I can now only train once a week, unless I can get myself to a session on Thursday evening. I think I’m gonna have to see the instructor next week to see what can my options are.

After training I went to Onestop (it’s only just up the road) to get a drink and talk to people. There was the assistant manager J, and another girl called D there. I don’t want to name her or anything, but I used to work with D briefly, and I fancy the pants off her. I know she is quiet and shy, but it is the quietness of someone who has a brain and chooses to pay attention and listen to the conversation rather than open her gob at the first opportunity. And she does karate as well. She is also drop dead gorgeous which helps, with a smile that is mesmerising. I had been trying to meet up with her outside work for a while but wasn’t making much progress.

Yesterday however we were talking. And as I got ready to leave, I asked if she wanted to meet up soon. To go for a drink or something (non-alcoholic of course) and she said that sounded good. We arranged for today, later on this afternoon, and a place to meet and stuff. I was struggling to keep hold of my emotions, to try and stay cool, calm and collected. Until she then told me she was going to Birmingham next week to see her boyfriend. And my heart plummeted back down to earth.

Typical, the first girl who potentially looks interesting (after the mess with my ex) is already taken. So instead of a meeting with potential later today, we will meet as friends and leave as just friends. I do have my foot in the door now though. Which is better than nowt, as she obviously now sees me as a friend. Just need to be patient until she dumps him. I wouldn’t dream of getting in the way of their relationship, or interfering. She is a good friend and I wouldn’t want see her get hurt or get upset. Just gonna wait patiently and see what happens i suppose.

1 week and no consumption of alcohol or alcohol-related products yay!

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